Mother to an 18 Year Old Daughter, Enabling Behavior and Zero Communication

by K Wood
(Delray Beach FL)

Living in a Household of just Three One would think it would be easy,right? Wrong.It would be if there was Communication between the Parents not just One Parent.

Bringing Up a Step Daughter was and has been Great until this Year when she turned 18.She now feels she is an Adult but in reality she is still a Child.My Wife has her own Business and is gone from early morning until early afternoon,she doesnt have to work but this s her choice.Its very successful although I dont see any part of it other than Groceries.I dont need it but my Bank Accounts are in ALL our Names,Hers are NOT and never have been so it is what it is.

June my Daughter was very involved with her new 21 Year Old Boyfriend and all I hard from Her and my Wife was how good he is and what a terrible home he comes from.My Wife got involved with some not nice Texting with His Mom so she retaliated by throwing Him out.So,He is allowed to stay here for a Week or Two until He finds a Roomate.enroll in College and was working.Well with a 1.5 GPA He couldnt get funding,lost his 2 year job and works maybe 12 hours at the Mall.He said He got the GPA while in Junior College and scored low because he missed One Math Test,not buying it.He goes to the Gym,plays Football yet doesnt help me around the home or looks for a 40 Hour Job.Life is great,right?

Three Months later,he is still here yet no one cares what I feel so last night I dropped the Bomb and said I want Him out of My House,words were exchanged between my Wife and I as she stated it was my Fault?? Sorry,I dont buy that as Ive said right along I want him out but to Deaf Ears,any conversation about this situation would always be One Sided.I know more about Him than she does. Im not His Father and He has done Zero around the Home to earn his keep so Good Bye,I dont need another Mooch as my Daughter is one.

My Daughter who goes to College with 12 Credits was so upset stating "Why are You kicking Him Out,does he bother You "No,its what He doesnt do and his time is up so she stated "We arent Family" after I stated I take care of My Family and dont need someone elses problem child. Instead of saying "Thank You Dad for helping Him for 3 Months" I get thrown under the Bus.

Meanwhile the wife says she has been talking to him every other day about moving out,always the Victim so i said "Really?Then why is it that every time I bring it up you turn your head as to ignore me?"This is a problem as You dont communicate or its not true.

Anyway,I got the Monkey off my Back,Im the Bad Guy and trust me,no one will ever be allowed in this Home again as this happens everytime my Wife brings in either Family or Friends to stay.I know she enjoyed having Him around as it kept her Daughter happy,well if anyone is happy it is Me!

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