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Meditation Affirmation Combos

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Meditation Music Previews

Actual Time of Each Title: 13 Minutes

Click the Add-to-Cart Button to download all five Meditation Music tracks for including: Stormy Night, Paradise Beach, MeadowBrook, Forest Lake, and Woodland Trail. These audios are excellent stress busters good for listening while working on the computer, for clients in your waiting room, or load onto your smartphone to take where ever you go. Or, add any of the titles to your cart separately below.

Stormy Night

Stormy Weather Meditation Download The Stormy Night session combines mediation music, night sounds, thunderstorms in the distance, soft rain, and other nature sounds to lull the listener into a comfortable state of relaxation. Many people find the sounds of the night, combined with spring showers and summer storms off in the distance, good sleeping weather...

Paradise Beach

beach sounds Meditation The Paradise Beach meditation music session utilizes the pleasant and relaxing sounds of a tropical vacation to soothe away the stress of the day. The sounds of sea gulls floating overhead, the gentle rhythm of ocean waves washing up on shore, and just the right music combine for a perfect way to finish the day. Headphones recommended, not required...


meadow brook Meditation Download The The Meadowbrook session combines meditation music, a babbling brook, birds, buzzing bees, and other sounds of the meadow to create wide-open spaces for relaxing away tension and stress. One thing that will never change is change itself. We must become excellent managers of stress as we become even more aware of the leading role chronic stress plays in health care and happiness...

Forest Lake

Stormy Weather Meditation Download The The Forest Lake session: All that's required for deep relaxation is an active imagination to visualize what its like to be deep in a beautiful forest. Perhaps You are stretched out in a hammock, or lying back on a nice, comfortable pad of cool green grass in a beautiful clearing, listening to the gentle, soothing rhythm of waves lapping up onto the lakeshore, just drifting off now...

Woodland Trail

Stormy Weather Meditation Download The The Woodland Trail meditation music session invites the listener to take a renewing stroll out into the healing environment of nature at its finest -- the woodlands. Take a walk deep into the forest, let nature do her healing magic as the songbirds find a naturally acoustic studio perfect for their special performances and woodland creatures are scurrying playfully about...

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  • Thawing the Iceberg Series: Don's bestselling series on Learn more about all four books here.

  • Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues Membership: Heal the root causes of Abandonment, Shame, and Contempt in this exhaustive, seven module course. The wounding process occurred in a systematic fashion. This program provides a healing process that follows the same developmental path in a healthy and healing way.

  • New! How to Use Meditation for self-hypnosis and reprogramming your subconscious mind. Learn tips for reprogramming, the Art of Visualization, How to use Audios for reprogramming, and How to create and use Powerful Affirmations. Plus you get all five Meditation Music tracks to practice your new skills (30 minutes each.)

  • Thawing the Inner Family of Self: This 47-section course combines nearly 10 hours of multimedia with many journaling assignments to lead you through an assessment and intervention process for bringing the many aspects of self into harmony, sometimes from chaos.

  • Therapy & Coaching Services Contact us to arrange a free consultation with Don or Angie.

  • Serenity Creations eStore Checkout our online superstore for the best deals in eBooks, video programs, meditation music audios, memberships, and personal development software.

  • New! First of Many: Serenity Creations Assertiveness Toolbox

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  • Mental Programming & Motivational Tips Meditation music gets you in the zone to do changework, but a working knowledge of how the mind works is required for effective affirmations and meditation. Get your tips here.
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