Marriage of 27 years in Jeoperady, Seperation Filed

by Rodney

My beautiful wife/bride age 49, exerts a lot of symptoms below of serious Co dependent behavior. Wanting/Needing desperately to get her help. She will not accept this from me as I have tried several times only to be served papers by the local sheriff 12/18.

Like to talk to someone next week on how I can get her assistance and care she so desperately needs. Marriage on verge of legal separation with divorce potential looming. My wife has taken out DV deportee on me and have been forced to retain an attorney for a hearing Jan 9 0900 hrs EST . With supporting data and records presented as my defense, her basis for the filing has been determined by my attorney initially as having no foundation and a desperate grasp of money and loss of control for fear of exposure. She is on 6 different prescriptions. Migraine's, Anti Depressants, sleeping pills, yeast medicine, nausea , night sweats. Believe she may be into recreational drug use as the supplier/user/addict. Already has been documented as a buyer of alcohol for the party crowd on several occasions as a means of buying affections of one boy in particular. Walked off her job a month ago. Walked away from marriage 11/24 after my confronting of in appropriate communications ( 6+ months,2,500 texts) between (2) 18 year old HS boys from the local Christian School she used to work at. Has an attachment to one in particular she texts quite regularly. Spends money on him and I have caught/confronted him driving my wife's car on occasion. He has no family and wife feels sorry for him and has taken him on as another son only to be obsessed by a seemingly sickly fantasy of sorts to spend forever with him potentially. A lot gong on to put it mildly. Discovered a few to be months back I have been financing a frivolous spending/bizarre unusual lifestyle habits of over a year as my wife is seeking to re live here youth , HS years and romances. 2-3 K of new fashions including high priced dresses, pants, lingerie , jewelry, high heel shoes, nylons, pantyhose, perfumes, lotions, sex books etc, , I need help for her as she can not save herself and will not let me help as I am to her the enemy. Hurting and very much alone in my struggles. I need support to get her support so I can feel I am doing my part as a husband that so desperately loves her, but needs to be focused and balanced to maintain a life of reality to my employer and those I support daily. Not sure how much time I have or if she will hit a rock bottom before doing harm to herself or ochers. Have a 15 year old boy being affected and a 20 year old boy now thinks he is the authority as Mom behavior is so dominantly/aggressively negative and Dad viewed as the outsider only wanting to help and he party pooper.

Will you help me help her ?

Thank you in advance of a needed reply and plan discussed for proper care of spouse.

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