mad and sad

by priscilla

my husband just walked in with his 13 year old granddaughter,to my surprise. She towed a very large suitcase to my spare bedroom.Then walks his adopted son tony,all smiles..I was could he do this to me,let in a son who disrespects me to no end.Both are out of controll eaters.then my husband told me they are staying a week,which made me more mad,i began to have severe headaches because they are pigs,and i keep my house spotless, All they do is watch tv or look at stupid stuff on the computer,besides eat and shit,,what a bad smell,like someone died,and they just docter said i have nervous muscle spasms.

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Jan 21, 2012
Is there more here than meets the eye?
by: Don

Hello! It strikes me that there is enough emotional energy here (of the angry variety) it would indicate that more than just this one episode has occurred in your relationship.

I suspect that there has been a lot of abandonment, shame, and contempt transferred back and forth between you. This kind of thing becomes fertile ground for more of the same in a vicious, repetative cycle.

I suggest that the two of you decide if the marriage is worth an episode of therapy. It may even be that each of you would benefit from a round of individual therapy before you begin to tackle the relationship stuff.

Best wishes!

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