Loving your Inner Child

by Alan

Hi everyone

I have been married to a lovely girl for the past twenty years. We have 3 wonderful, special children. They are growing up too fast.

We are now at the time of life where instead of feathering the nest and fetching food it is time to start doing more things for ourselves.

I have childhood abandonment issues.

My girl is away on holiday with a friend at the moment. I would not try to stop her doing this, even though it leaves me with a terrible void. No one is coming back, I will be alone forever, I will die soon.

I know that these thoughts and feelings are from childhood. When i was left in a wet bed and no one came to rescue me. I was always told I was never good enough and that I was the runt of the litter. Never met the burden of expectation which was unfairly placed on me.

How do we start to accept, love and rescue that inner child. I have despised him for a long time.

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Jul 23, 2010
by: Don

Hi Alan,

Welcome to the forums. You can start to reclaim that part of you by reading my FREE ebook at the following address. I just released it this week. It is part of my new program for healing abandonment entitled Thawing the Iceberg™ - Part One.


If you like the free book, you will get a lot out of reading the other books described on that page. Especially THAW - Freedom from Frozen Feelings & Thawing the Iceberg™ - Part Two.

I hope we continue to hear from you in these forums!

Take Care,
Don Carter

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