Love my sister too much

Realizing what an enabler I really am. My sister is an alcoholic, I'm a recovering drug addict who still drinks occasionally, my dad is an alcoholic (dry drunk who thinks bc he doesn't drink anymore he is ok). Every time I visit my family who live in another state I am caught up in the drama of how my sister behaves.

My dad is always asking about her and telling me she's taking advantage of me. She just had a major injury and lost her job which has laid her up for over 4 months. Everyone blames it on the alcohol however she wasnt drinking when the hiking accident happened? She avoids her family and She got a DUI last year and didn't tell me or my brother or parents.

She finally came clean about that and then my dad berades her for never telling us. She is in a great deal of physical pain right now and just wants everyone to leave her alone and doesn't want anyone's help. She's not in painkillers anymore either since the surgery. I feel bad for her and I realize I drink with her bc I don't know how else to be close to her after so much drama happens when we are all together.

I feel like I am the go between her and my dad. My dad told her to f*** off and called her a spoiled bitch in front of my brothers small children and his own small children from a recent marriage. I told him I felt that was inappropriate and then my sister yells at me bc I'm talking to my dad about her. So then I blow up in front of all of them and say I'm tired of being in the middle, you both work it out together. I'm exhausted!!!!!

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