Lost in France


Has anyone met with a situation where after deciding to emigrate, one partner is happy to remain in the new foreign country and the other one wants to return to England?

The one that wants to return is the one that emigrated with post-natal depression and now has severe depression that could be lifted by going back to the support network.

How would relationship rules help in this situation. There is a little boy stuck in the midst of this situation who will be predisposed to depression when he grows up as it is in on side of the family.

How can there be a happy medium if one is so selfish and stubborn and is not amicable to adjustment?

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Dec 13, 2009
No Rules...Just Resolutions
by: Don Carter

Hi France...There's not enough information in your post to really give anything more than an off-the-cuff opinion -- something that not many of us are inclined to do when talking about someone else's relationship.

It sounds like a tough spot to be in and one that would take a considerable amount of healthy communication between the partners to resolve.

I don't know of any "rules" that would fit in situation like these -- unless the rules were for healthy communication. You can find fair fighting "rules" by copying and pasting this link into your browser's address bar:


If these don't help you and your partner talk about the issues in a way that leads to resolution, then you might want to seek help from a counselor or clergy member. If that doesn't help, it then may come down to a decision to go your separate ways...or not.

In my opinion...it's okay to have and stand up for your own needs and to make decisions that are in your best interests -- and it's okay for your partner to do the the same. Considering the needs of any children involved are also important and may require some professional advice before making a decision.

I'll send out a few prayers in your direction.


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