Late Bloomer with Moderate Abandonment Issues

I felt connected with my mother when I was a little child, at around 10 years old and under. Once I hit my teens, I felt very neglected by both parents. My father was angry at me most of the time, and both my parents were workaholics. I was raised by several nannies who I could also not connect with emotionally.

In my teen years, I became very introverted. I would avoid socializing with people at all costs, except with a few buddies. I found it easier to communicate with people on the internet. I met my first girlfriend online and a lot of my socializing involved chatting with friends.

As I grew older, I developed a false self and along with it a false sense of confidence. I began externalizing my issues. I got angry for the first time in my life. I started blaming my parents and started abandoning people who I viewed as toxic.

I believe this stems from abandonment issues. I also believe both my parents were stuck in their false selves at one point. I know for a fact that both of them have issues with their fathers, although I never asked them about it. It could very well be that they have also been neglected by their parents.

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Mar 10, 2012
by: Don

I think most of us are late bloomers takes quite a bit of pain before we become willing to reach out for help...even though we are people who make the self-help section of the local book store so lucrative.

We are usually down there picking up the latest magical cure for low self esteem and relationship issues. Once we realize the depth of the problems we can really get serious about healing them.

Don't get me wrong, for Adult/Children of less-than-nurturing families, quick fixes can be good...every little bit helps. But usually as tools, not usually as complete solutions.

Welcome and keep coming back.

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