Lack of Understanding and Communication

We have been married for 3 years and of those 3 years, 2 of them were after my brain tumor craniotomy. And yes, I myself have a lack of communication as a result from the surgery, which I have not been trying to improve because everything that I try talking about he does not agree and that makes me feel completely stupid, so now I just don't say anything because I do not need to be brought down.

I just feel that if he cannot understand my situation, I just do not feel like arguing with him when I know I cannot win at least one in my lifetime. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Nov 07, 2011
More information
by: Don

I would need more information about your situation to respond except to say...take care of yourself and don't expect or seek healthy behavior from an unhealthy person. If you want to make it work insist on counseling.

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