Just want to feel loved.

by Kristena Stone

I'm 17 and when i was just a newborn, my birthmother abandoned me. She left me with my great grandmother, and decided drugs and prostitution, were more important than me. When i was almost six,i was adopted. I had always wanted a mommy and daddy, but i guess i was hurt more than i thought. I always knew that i had been abandoned, but when i got older, the issues got worse. I didn't understand why she had left. I always thought, " is there something wrong with me"? My life has become a total mess, because of what she did to me. I just wish, that she would have thought about what it would do to me. I don't think i will ever get over the fact of being left, but i know now, that being abandoned was the best thing to ever happen to me. If i hadn't been abandoned and put through the things, i went through, I wouldn't be who i am today.

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