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by Chriss

Wow... I'm so happy that I was 'led' to search this issue this week, only after facing an 'abandonment' issue myself.

I consider myself a great father, but after two divorces, and having gone through at least 6 marriages/divorces by my parents (I begin the eldest child of the first marriage) I can clearly look back at unfortunate milestones which have shaped my identity, as you have so well identified.

I'm an internalizer, and having read/studied the issue of my personal development from my teen years until now (obviously)I can now see many of the childhood occurrences and many of the memories - which are now triggered by this article. Also, their effects on my life today!
Going back to the initial abandonment issue I mentioned, that is still not resolved, but I am relieved that it has triggered the revelation of this new information on this website.

The personal challenge now, other than that case itself, is to address my life generally, and try to overcome the forces which have resulted in the dysfunctional aspects of my personal life - don't we have them :)

BUT - in all this, I thank God for His guidance, and I thank all who have loved me unconditionally - including my children. This, I know, has seen me through these years. I know I am happy inside, thanks to these, but it's not of my own doing, and I must commit to making myself (and my children) happier by improving my life with this knowledge.

I wish you all well in your search as well...

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Feb 03, 2011
To Just Chriss
by: Angie Carter

Thank you for writing in and letting us know how this information has impacted you. Feedback is important to us and we are always excited to hear how it may help those seeking further healthy development of self.

I have been on my own journey for quite some time now (sober 16 years and doing inner child work off and on for the last 10 years). It has been an extraordinary journey! One of continual uncovering, discovering and discarding. I am glad I have a process that assists me with that endeavor.

Many blessings to you as you travel this road of self awareness!

Angie C.

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