Joseph-first enquiry

by Joseph
(Perth. WA. Aust)

I would like to find out more about the games(roles)that I have been acting all my life. Im fifty and even reading these articles last night I wanted to return to my negative triangle.
How long it will take me to develop a positive triangle and will I need counselling to get me through this process. I can answer that as yes. Because basically I wont carry through otherwise.
I have the time now to do this.
What on earth are the pictures for?

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Mar 08, 2012
Not a question of time...
by: Don

Hi Joseph,

Good questions - they give me the opportunity to introduce the Oasis @ Serenity Cafe'. I have been very busy creating an online recovery community and eventually the Oasis will become an online treatment resource...

70 to 80% of treatment is educational 20-30% is therapy. I know this because I designed and managed such programs for over a decade.

It is not a question of "how long" is a question of what do I want? Then a decision to do whatever it takes to get that. The Oasis and this forum are mean to help you along the way. Make use of them and keep us informed!

By the way, the pictures are for the "visual" oriented people who come here. Auditory oriented people tend to like words by themselves. I am guessing you lean toward an auditory orientation.

Welcome and Keep coming back!


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