Is ths appropriate Help for My stepdaughter?

My 12-year-old stepdaughter is visiting for the summer. Her older sister was sent here to live in January of 2014 because she snuck out of the house and her mom put her on a plane (in a snap decision) and sent her here to liver with ther father and me. She as very traumatized by her sister leaving and did not receive any support from her mother and others in the household in coping with her sister's departure.

Since she's been here, we have had numerous talks about her feelings surrounding the incident and the abandonment she felt and still feels. I've noticed some very definite codependent tendencies in her. I found this site today, and reading it has been very helpful, and I think reading it would be helpful to her as well. She is very smart and has a great ability to comprehend what she reads and articulate it back to others.

Do you think it would be appropriate to have her read some of the passages on this site and/or direct her to this site to read the information?

She should probably be in counseling, but I don't have the authority or right to take her to therapy, but I would like to help in some way to give her some tools to better understand herself.

Thank you.


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