In the Process of Healing

by Alicia
(Tamarac, Florida)

Hi Everyone,

I have also been through a very rough childhood not having both parent there and also being sexually abused as a child from a family friend. I have tried for many years to overcome the grief from my past. I have used drugs to dull the pain and rebelled in various ways, but i found myself spiraling downward.

I found God at the age of 20 right before my 21st birthday and my life has been in an uphill battle since then. I couldn't hold a job and hated school because i felt like people were always judging me, but all of that started to change. I Graduated from college in 2006, I have a great job for 2 years now and i just recently bought my own home.

Looking back I could have never seen these things for myself maybe because I felt that I was not worthy of them, but my life has changed.

The last thing I am working on God with is having a healthy relationship. I am currently dating someone and as soon as the feelings started to develop I started getting anxiety attacks and fear. Restless nights and horrible days are reoccurring for me, but I am praying and asking God to change me inside to make me whole and heal all the pains that inflicted me from my past.

God has been working in my life and this site has given me more of an insight about what is going on inside of me. I am on the road to recovery and healing and I give God all the glory because his love has set me free and I hope he does for everyone that has come to this site as well, who are hurting and in need of help.

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Sep 03, 2010
by: Don

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for the testimony and blessings on these forums. I pray that your journey gets easier and that God helps you get everything He wants you to have very soon!

Don Carter

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