I'm too old to keep getting my feelings hurt.

by Mickey

I am a 55 year old female with two adult children. My daughter is 33 and my son is 30. When they were 6 and 2 I became addicted to cocaine and became a terrible mother, not physically abusive but always gone. Next I was so ashamed of myself that I refused to allow my children to see me in the state the use of drugs kept me in so I stayed away completely. My daughter was old enough to understand and know that her mother had a problem but her brother was so young he simply felt the effects of abandonment. When they were 15 and 11 years old we became a family once again. I have been sober since but it is obvious that my son has not and may not ever get over the feelings my behavior caused him to have. He is distant sometimes hostile and our relationship is very some timey. The only time we communicate like a regular mother and son is when he has some kind of problem and lets his guard down long enough to discuss it with me. I come from a very affectionate family but affectionate he is not. Just for the record my daughter and I have a terrific relationship as do she and my son because they were raised together even when I was not with them,

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