Im so lost and don't know what to do!

by Lyndsey
(Hazelwood MO)

Hi..I am the older sister of an addict.
My addict sister has one child who is almost 4. This all started when my niece was born. My sister said she was struggling with post partum depression..we all tried to help but it seemed to be getting worse and we were all getting concerned about the amount of drinking she was doing as well. She tried to take her own life when her daughter was 1 or 2 and then admitted to the family that she had been addicted to oxies this whole time and wanted to get help. We were all overjoyed and happy that she had finally decided to get help.

She went to a facility and left within 3 days using the "I miss my daughter" excuse and "these people are way more sick than me" excuse and her husband picked her up.

She continued to drink but was telling all of us she was done with the pills. But she continued to behave the way she did when taking the pills, with the lying and sleeping all the time. She attempted suicide multiple more times and is now living in an extend a stay hotel with her child and husband who enables her by lying for her.
My mother and I constantly fight about this because she lies for her too, telling me she is doing much better and just spending more time with her in laws because they support her and don't judge her.

Recently her sister in law reached out to me and informed me that things are not well and this is tearing up their side of the family too. The main concern here is our niece...she is barely 4 and constantly says how her mommy is sad and sick all the time! This is breaking my heart and I don't know what to do! As long as her husband and our mom won't jump on board that she needs help I feel like nothing will change! I don't want my niece trapped in a hotel with a depressed suicidal addict! Any advice?

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