Im not myself for days after a binge

by Jamie

After a big night of drinking, I spend several days in bed or avoiding people, watching entire seasons of tv shows to escape, and this weekend it happened again. Drank hard Fri night, spent all day Sat and Sun in bed, tried to leave once but got to the door, stood there for five minutes, got nervous and went back to bed. I feel so weird and dull during the these times, since I am actually an incredibly active person: full time student with a part time job and exercising 4x a week.

Are these weird times connected to the drinking? Is this depression? Should I go to a therapist, or AA, or is this just what happens after a rough night and I should just suck it up?

I really want to talk to someone that has experienced this as well.

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Dec 01, 2013
stopping is my way out of binge drinking
by: Anonymous

I have been a binge drinker from my 20's to now 55. The big difference now is the hang over lasts for 2 or 3 days and it may be a week before I am feeling 100% again. In a way the suffering has forced me to binge less often. But then out of the blue I do it again, its almost like I have forgot about the suffering. For a 2 year period I did stop altogether. I then thought I would be able to try a few bears again and control the amount. which did not happen. I have decided to stop totally again, it's the only way I can be in control. Also to be aware of myself and be curious about the underlying tendency and needs.

Nov 05, 2013
let's talk
by: Anonymous

I would like to talk to you as I go through the exact same thing you do. Please feel free to email me at: [email removed - Sorry, for the safety of everyone here, email exchanges are not allowed here in the forums to protect from spammers and scammers]

Mar 08, 2012
What causes a problem is a problem
by: Don


When I see a lot of questions like these I take them as communications from the subconscious.

When you get intuitive questions that "just pop into your mind" try taking the question marks off of them and turning them into statements...then say the statements out-loud and notice if they sound or feel accurate.

It sounds like someone in there is trying to tell you something and another part doesn't want to hear it!


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