I'm an enabler of my husband of 27 years

I have been married for 27 years and I am an enabler. My husband is an incredible carpenter but is horrible at business. He's always had addiction issues to pills and now suboxen. He works 60 hrs a week but I see nothing from those hours.

I have a full time job myself and just helped my daughter get her youngest children back from the state foster care system because she was addicted. She went to a 30 day rehab and is better than ever. However I cannot get my husband to do the same. He's always wanting to make the quick buck that never happens.

I pay the bills but I'm getting behind and can't do it anymore. We live in my parents basement and they are fed up as well. Bailing me out and I hate it. I have no choice though. How do I get out of this? After 2years of threatening him, it's finally time to be serious about it. But I know he will not get the help he needs. How do I make myself not care.

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