If you have studied somone's actions.

by Sam

And response's to all area's of life, I believe you can predict quite accurately each move & thought they are going to make. Does anyone else believe this?

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Apr 17, 2011
Points to ponder
by: R.S Jung

I beg to differ.....the sea of universal consciousness....if brought from the sub level to the conscious...one can tap into the stream of thought of another and see not only what it is they are thinking but why there are acting the way they do. The difficulty I see is in predicting the actions.....unless previously seen in a dream - vision - meditative state or being wholey objective in ones space and time, putting themselves in the other......with no expectations, attachments or concepts......but then there would be a delay in the seeing to the projecting of the understanding and motive for action....unless it is a reflex action which is much simpler than an emotional respone -action.

I study my own actions and what presupposes them, previous lives, regresion and emotional attachments....when I rid myself of these I can see uite clearly others behavior....upon closer look, I too can see what motivates their actions - emotions....and if I follow the path it leads through all their lives and right back to the source.....silly me for looking so hard......when it's always there in everything at all times LOL

I could go on but will end here.....

Mar 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

its true that a person may not be exactly identical to another... but much like the snowflakes you reference, while you may be able to look at them with a magnifying glass and see many tiny differences, put any two snowflakes in a similar situation and watch what happens. because they have the same basic structure, put them in heat, the will both melt. they will both drop at about the same speed. ect. ppl follow the same, and similar patterns through life lead there to be many mainstream patterns of tendencies, each quite predictable in a person known well enough.

Dec 21, 2010
Not in that way
by: Anonymous

We are a product of nature. As that product, nature has built in pathways that tell us what is for that and what is against or bad for it. If you try to use your sub mind to predict the outcome of previous wars you would notice you draw a blank or a guess. But if you use it looking at todays ,Illuminate , new world order, they have declared war on natures way. You will find your sub mind giving you a plethora of info. Nature has put the a.p.b. Out that she is in trouble but know one cares. How to win the ww3 bloodbath that is coming was born into each one of us to find it.

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May 15, 2010
I wouldn't bet on that...
by: Don Carter

Hi Sam,

I have been in the helping profession for two and a half decades now and out of all that time I have discovered that it really is true that no two people in the world are alike -- and therefore none are predictable!

We are all as unique as snowflakes because we have all had unique experiences in our lives -- experience is what we trust the most. If you ask someone why they believe something strongly, they will usually tell you something like -- "because that's been my experience".

Imagine that...there are over 7 Billion people in the world and no two share exactly the same experiences. And it is our experiences that shape our mental filters, our world view, and our ways of doing things.

On top of all that we are constantly growing and changing and having new experiences...so our behavioral choice are also always in flux. As is the very structure of our brain -- our neural networks are in a constant state of growth.

Even when it is possible to categorize general patterns of behavior...like the drama triangles, the figure-eight, the punishment/forgiveness cycle (see the navigation bar on the left side of this page for links); it is still not possible to predict exactly HOW or WHEN one will "do those cycles and patterns" in a specific sense.

Sorry to burst that bubble...but then again, it would get kinda boring around here if we could predict each others behavior with any real certainty!

Take Care,

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