Identifying issues and necessities for a healthy infant development

by John Z

I am currently in a custody dispute with the mother of my child. We were never married, we were friends at one point in time which lead to having a child out of wedlock and are not currently living together or in a relationship of any kind.

Our daughter (Ellie) is 8 months old now and is currently living with her mother and her boy friend. I am only "scheduled" to see my daughter every Sunday from 11-7pm unsupervised and we are on a "progressive" schedule **meaning as we more forward so does visitation** I am not unlawful, abusive, I don't do drugs, I pay child support and help with child care. Ellie's mother keeps telling me that it's important to stick to Ellie's schedule and that Ellie shouldn't be spending the night at my apartment because she's "not use to it".

Isn't it important for the infant to be spending as much time with his/her father as his/her mother?

Would a child IN FACT have a harder time sleeping in another comfortable crib than the one he/she sleeps in every night?

I feel like i'm missing out on truly bonding with my child, am I?

I have a very modest income and can not, unfortunately, afford a lawyer but am doing as much research as I possibly can to help plead my case and bring light to this situation through mediation and cold hard facts.

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