I want to reprogram my subconscious

by Michael
(Pine Brook, NJ US)

HI I have a lot of major health problems And some psychological problem's. I procrastinate which I want to start projects and keep the momentum to finish what I started. I have tried self hypnosis but no luck.

I have dystonia and Im on clonopin for it and it helps my anxiety a little and I'm on Adderall XR for ADHD which they help to a point, but I still procrastinate. I think a combination of the meds supplement's and hypnosis I will be able to start on task's and complete them. I think hypnosis can help me go back to school and complete my associates degree in a year instead of two. I want to work on my autobiography and write other book's and screen plays, as well as get into acting and start businesses and I think hypnosis can give me the drive to do it and not be afraid to live on my own. I'm 35.

I want to learn to use the 90% of my brain that I have heard doesnt get used. I want to learn to speedread and photoread which uses the subconscous is all this possible.
IM on disability I cant afford much to get therapy i hope you can work with me.

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Jul 16, 2014
How is it going?
by: Anonymous

I hope things have settled down for you by now. If they have want to offer some programming techniques that can help now that you have taken care of "first things first." Click the link below for some tools:

How to Use Meditation to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

This course teaches skills for reprogramming, visualization, using audios effectively, and provides 5 meditation audios to practice these new skills.


Aug 07, 2012
I'm trying too
by: Anonymous

YIp take
Don's advice, I am having to do the same as I got brain freeze after being unemployed and scared about what the future holds. Then I started going into overdrive and trying to set too many goals. So my psychologist is getting me to pace myself and slow down. He is also getting me to learn new strategies that take a while to work. My mantra today is "Don't be anxious, commit your ways to the Lord and he will make your paths straight. "
The old, one step at a time.

Aug 06, 2012
Goal Conflict
by: Don

Hi Michael,

From what you wrote several things jump right out there at me...

1. You are going way too fast and need to sloooowwww down at take one thing at a time. Here's why:

2. You have said you need to get your ADD and dystonia under control. Unless you do, you will not be able to focus on those things you want to achieve.

3. When we have too many goals we experience a "brain-freeze" called goal conflict. This is likely the number one cause of your procrastination. Choose ONE thing and break it down into manageable tasks(and I recommend starting with items one and two on this list).

4. Hypnosis and therapy are only TOOLS & NOT magic bullets. By the way, that 90% of your brain has enough space to hold something like 3 million years of new learning - good luck with trying to fill all that up!

5. If you can take the time to get into a good counselor or adviser it would be very useful in helping you sort through these things.

Just a few observations,

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