I want to learn more about relationships

by Joseph

I am new in a relationship.we've been in it for some months now and things are going on well but we have lots of misunderstandings.Its been too much but I thank God that its gradually reducing(we see it as another process of understanding each other)sometimes,instead of controlling my emotions,i let them control me;i take situation we have very hard on myself.But I've come to realize that resolving those situations and making plans on how to avoid them is what matters instead of being too hard on myself.Now, I want to learn more on how to make my relationship grow stronger,learn more about healing relationships,and taking it to a more profound level.

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Jan 21, 2012
by: Don Carter

Good for you Joseph...it is always much easier to resolve dysfunctional relationship patterns early in a relationship than to wait for years of pain and anger to build up.

Let us know if you have some specific things you would like to discuss.

There is a lot of information in these forums and on the website itself. So it would be wise to browse and read the comments to learn more... and keep coming back!


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