I want a better life for myself.

by Colleen

I went to see my mother and brother at Christmas time and ended up staying much longer.
My mother had signed power of attorney and everything she owned to my older sister, who
has been in prison 4x. I helped my mother get an attorney.

My brother always threatens to hit me when I am there. This time he did very forcibly push me down while saying threats in his alcohol fueled rage. I did file a police report, even though the police were not supportive of me, but of my brother.

I am back where I live. I feel like my mother took out a lot of the anger she must feel
toward my sister, at me. Also, I have been the one who has been there the most for my brother and it was very hurtful for him to behave this way toward me.

I am physically ill and have already gone through hell. I fell like my mother and brother are
just wanting to dump on me now.

I have lived away from these people for the majority of my adult life. I left after high school and did complete college. I can honestly say that neither my sister nor my brother cares about me.

My Mother, just seems to go along with whoever is the most controlling or abusive. I need some comfort, because I don't feel like my relationship picks have been very healthy and even
after years of therapy, I am feeling discouraged.

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May 05, 2010
I'm Proud of You
by: Anonymous

Look what you have accomplished even with the dysfunction. You have made your life better in some ways. Counseling is a very good step to learn how to deal with feelings that come up when confronted by your family. This website has a lot of wonderful people who are going through the same kinds of situations and feelings you are.

Keep working. It is worth all effort to make a better life for yourself. You can't change your family. They will have to make up their minds to make the changes.

Good luck in your journey and please put GOD in your life. HE is well worth the time and effort.

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