I have Harnessed the power of my subconcious mind and then lost it again?

by Jack

a few months ago i started using auto suggestion from the book think and grow rich to reprograme my subconscious mind. After a month my whole perception on the world completely changed, it made me feel as if anything was possible, i was working every second of the day in order to achieve my goals, i felt more energetic and was doing productive things on autopilot. (these were exact reflections of my affirmations)

This carried on for around a week, and then i had a major fall out with a relative that caused a lot of very deep powerful limiting beliefs to occur in me. I tried hard to change my state of thinking at the time but was unable to do it. Quickly after i felt these negative emotions it was like someone had hit the kill switch and i went back to my old ways.

I have been doing affirmations again for the last 2 weeks, my question is will the power come back as long as i do what i did before persistently and continue to do so. I have read that if deep negative emotions are experience it can be quite powerful in sending you back to your old ways. Is this true?

If you can shed any light on this it would be appreciated

Thanks Jack

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