I can see clearly!!!

by Amanda
(Huntsville, AL)

For many years I was in an abusive relationship, I finally realized the reason was because I was use to being treated like that from my mother. I have a lot of the dependency problems. Sex with strangers, drugs, internet, any and everyway I can get out of dealing with what is reality. I now have a daughter who is recently experiencing abandonment issues, my whole reason in coming to this site. As I am reading, I am learning more about myself and am asking myself the same question, what can I do to keep my daughter from feeling like she is not good enough? I live with shame and guilt everyday and have no absolute idea why. I am a good person, I have accomplished a lot out of life. I just want to be happy. I feel like nothing is ever good enough and I am about to be 30. I have a career, a degree, a home, and still feel like it is not good enough. I do not want my daughter to carry this weight of shame around for the rest of her life like I have.

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Mar 08, 2012
Show her the way...
by: Don

Hi Amanda,

There in one and only one way to really help your daughter...show her the way! That means you have to get well and give yourself the gift of recovery. Then, when she is ready, she will come to you one day and ask "Mom, how did you turn your life around?"

You WANT to be ready for that question! Parents need to demonstrate for their kids.

Go to local 12-step groups or checkout the Oasis @ serenity Cafe' (right side panel of this page) for the tools to get going! You have work to do, but it is worth it!!


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