I am beginning to open my eyes...

by Bella
(San Diego, CA, US)

A bit young to realized but as 20 year old .... I never noticed all of this. I knew I had depression but from reading this. My eyes have opened.

The problem was really my mother. I love her but the things she did left all of my younger siblings so scared, worried and so afraid to speak up to her. Over the years, my mom was perfect until I saw that she would order me and got mad so easily. Telling me never to cry, why am I said or tell me why I can't make it. The same with all of my family. Sucking the life from my family and even my father. He has too work too much because of her, even if she left him....

But I realized that my siblings are like this:
"Don't Talk" = My young sister
"Don't Trust" = Myself
"Don't Feel" = My little brother.

But I guess I have open my eyes more. I will see if I can help and even from this. Though, I have realized this all now.

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