I am an enabler, want suggestions on how to write my daughter a letter

by David Browning

She is an adult, waitress, over-spends, has a great boyfriend. She is bi-polar and I don't think her meds are working.

She has become progressively verbally abusive and manipulative. I have bailed her out of so many situations and spent so much money. I am retired and am using my retirement to help her. I can no longer afford to do so. I am seeing a great therapist to help me understand how I enable her.

Anyway, I want to write her a letter because we are not speaking right now. I want to tell her that I love her but that I will no longer stand for her abusive phone calls and texts. I will not be cursed and screamed at. I will not be manipulated into giving her what she wants. We are at the stage where it is affecting my physical and mental health and if she does not learn to honor my feelings and recognize that she is not the center of the universe (mine included) then I will have to cut all ties with her.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone done this before? Have you been successful?

Please help.


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