I am addicted to enabling.....

by luanna gonzales
(toledo ohio)

I am a true addict of enabling, my enabling had destroyed my son, he has had issues with every substance since he was 14, he is now going to be 40 years old....I am a working bum...I have spent a real fortune buying cars, paying fines, gas, housing bail outs of jail......if I am not enabling him, I am trying to save someone else..... just bailed him out of jail for domestic violence....it was sickning to read the police report he is an animal...and I am afraid of him...

I need this to end.... I just read the late or cronic stage, I have been at the stage for years.....It is not like I don't have a really good life for myself, I have a great paying job, good health, and have always been loved by my friends and family yet I am a huge sucker......My son is now living with me, working under the table, taking all his money and doping and drinking and flopping here every night since he battered his girlfriend severly, I started to get on his case and he went nuts, I am very afraid of him and feel sorry for him at the same time, I blame him and then I blame myself and it goes back in forth....I am as sick as he is.....

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Apr 24, 2012
by: Don

What do you intend to do about this??

My recommendations:

FIRST OF ALL - Get SAFE...reach out to your local Rape and Abuse Crisis Center and get an appointment to create a safety plan.

Next - Get HELP...If you are addicted to enabling and you do nothing how can you expect him to do anything about his addiction?

Don't be his tragedy waiting to happen...Please get safe!


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