Husbands son is a drug addict and he just moved out

My husbands 33 year old moved in with us 5 months ago. He is a drug addict. My husband had to save him as he was getting evicted from his apartment the second time in a year. He was heading to Colorado to sell drugs. He saved him and a let him move in with us. With his pit bull a thing my husband said that if he got a dog would it come live with us.

My husband kept saying he is brain dead. He left lights on, fans on, tv on, door open eat ect after requesting him to not to. His other son lives with us too he helps us out and only fair that this one also but it came that he never made him do anything he did his chores for him. It came to him stapling a curtain up and my wood work and me taking his fan away saying this is what I will do if you can not do it yourself.

Then I wrote him a letter saying that I am fed up and look around how others put up curtains. He went off that he new I did not like him but wow never knew I hated him. I never said that. He was mad and moved out. I told him we should talk that day he said sure when I got home I texted him did he want to talk now he said later then he snuck out of the house. He texted me he would not tell his dad about it and to have him call him. I told him I told him about it and he was not happy about it. He said we need to start over act like we never met and so we can respect each other again.

The next day he deletes me from Facebook and writes this horrible thing how this person stole from him and is such a hater and how he might forgive but never forget. My husband just thinks I should start over let it go. He has been bending over backwards for him calling him every other day asking if he is ok helping him move and told him he will give him all the money back and not keep the portion he owes us. I want to move out do not want to be around this Christmas. I feel like I am an outcast in my own home. What do I do?

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