Husband Help Us

by Debbie

My husbands son 22 yrs old is enabled by my husband to sit and watch tv and play i-phone games all day. NO JOB! He tells him he has to get one but he's had 10 in two years and doesn't keep them. I think he has a problem with management authority. My husband pays his car insurance, car payment, gas, spending money, i-phone payment (told me I can't have one $30/mo access fee says I don't need it..use my regular cell phone.) all this when his son isn't working. I told him I wouldn't work if I had all this paid too. He says his son has to get a job?! Husband fills out all his jobs apps and looks for them for him. Kid is lazy, un-motivated, un-appreciative and gives his Dad a very difficult time if he doesn't get money to help hold him over. Kid lives with his mother who's the same. No drive, ambition, or motivation! My husband is an over achiever...great drive, motivation, ambition and has a great work ethic. His son should be in an entry level position but my husband has made his son feel he shouldn't take lowly jobs. His mental capacity is only viable for that type position. Help, Help, Help...what do I do? This is our second marriage and I love my husband. I tell him all the time he can't enable his son but continues to do so. He doesn't see the damage he's doing. This son is like a 14 year old because he is treated like a baby. What do I do?

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