Husband arrested for physically throwing out 18yo out of control daughter

My 18yo daughter is verbally abusive, compulsive liar, failed two semesters of college and wanted to move back home. Her apartment lease was up where she went to school (100 miles away). She had a job but quit because she wanted to move home. My husband and I told her she could move home if she paid $250 per month rent (payable before moving in), passed a drug test, had a job, and was enrolled in one class of community college that she paid for. Rather than pay us rent, she spent her final paycheck on a season pass to Six Flags and a 3 day road trip to the beach. She showed up broke and hungry at the door begging to take a shower. We let her in to shower and eat but told her to not unpack her stuff before she fulfilled her 4 move in requirments. While we were at work 4 days later she moved her stuff in (15yo son let her in). She said she had a job interview the next day so we let her stay. The next day she asked me for $15 to go to Six Flags after her interview. I gave her $20. She came back and needed $5 more for gas. I said no and she cussed me out and slammed the door. She left for her interview but through tracking her phone I realized she did not go to the interview but straight to Six Flags. I told her to turn around immediately and do some job searching or to not come home at all. She said she was not turning around and she lied about having an interview. I told her to not come home and sent her a picture of her belongings on the front porch. She cussed me out so I blocked her phone number. After a day of fun at the park, she returned and said she was moving her stuff back in and she was furious. My husband physically tried to remove her and he called 911 for assistance. The police showed up and arrested him. According to "squatter" laws she had a right to be there and he had no right to physically try and remove her. We would have to go through an eviction process to force her to leave. He has been charged with domestic violence assault and now he can't come home because of an emergency protective order. (she is in the house) I am an enabler and I love her and want to help her but I want her out of my house. I know that I am not strong enough to turn her away when she is at my door begging to come in to shower and eat. We have started the eviction process which could take up to 30 days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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