How to motivate my 26 years old to get a job

My daughter came home after finishing her college more than four years ago. She has gone through anxiety, depression, rage and episodes of paranoia. She is not willing to see therapist and is against taking medication. She is not willing to work and said she wants to go to school for more education but she has not done that either.

She lives at home and me and my husband are paying for her expenses. Although she has not been diagnosed I suspect she is suffering from borderline personality disorder. She is not using drug or alcohol. She is now in somewhat stable condition but I am suspecting things will not stay the same. How can we motivate her to change?

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Apr 26, 2012
by: Bonnie

I went thru this also, infact i'm still going thru it.My son is 26 and suffers from depression & anxiety.I had to force him into the phyc ward at the nearest hospital telling him if he wanted to stay in my house thats what needed to be done,end of story,no excuses. medicine or no home.Now i am dealing with trying to motivate him to get a job. one fight at a time.put your foot down and mean it & follow thru.good luck to you stay strong.

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