how do i help my 24 yr old son quit his daily pot habit?

by steve
(boulder, co, usa)

when my son refused a UA home test the beginning of his senior yr in HS, I kicked him out of my house because he had signed an agreement with his mother and me accepting responsibility to quit his pot use, or have drug counseling as a consequence. he refused to acknowledge his part in this, so i had to play "bad cop" and kick him out. we, my ex and myself, got him to an out-patient counseling program for 10 weeks and we thought it helped. but now he is almost 24, and still smoking daily, even though he seems highly "functional," he was high when he was skiing and got caught in an avalanche last spring which could have killed him. he spent a week in the hospital and another 9 weeks in a nursing home with two broken legs. this is the only period of time in the last 5 years where he has been sober. he regards his pot use as a "lifestyle," he defends his habit, calls pot "medicine," and i know there must be some issues he's having which he does not talk about which keep him in this destructive cycle which is harming his physical and mental health. there is factual data available which shows all the negative affects of chronic use of marijuana. he is in a group of friends who are also chronic users, so this is not going to be easy. any thoughts? i need help.

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