How can we make our subconscious focus on more than a task at a time?

by Sunny

I have been struggling with this question since the time I was exposed to the idea of subconscious. For example, I may want a good physique nd healthy body as well as want to perform well in academics and improve upon my communication skills. I know anything is possible for our infinite power of subconscious but I wonder how to make use of it to achieve all the things I want( like mentioned above). Please suggest.

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Jun 05, 2012
Chunk it up!
by: Don


Another option is the "chunk up your goal" when you want to have multiple this case, setting your sites on "Balance" would necessarily include managing time and resources to assign some part of your day or week to everything that is important to you.

Then, make your visualizations about having all of the things you want...seeing, hearing, and feeling what its like to already have that balance and ability to shift gears from one thing to another without sacrificing anything.

I do this and call it "living in the good" if what I am doing right now is "good" I keep doing it until it is no longer "good" (imbalance is not good). when I use up my allotted time for what I am working on, "good" then means shifting to the next thing on the schedule.

This applies to everything I am doing...for example, I stop before I choose what snack I want and choose from several "good" options and refrain from the available "not good" choices. (Occasionally Ice cream is a good choice - moderation! :)

When practicing living in the good, be realistic and shoot for "progress, not perfection".

"Living in the Good" can produce only more good!

May 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Improve your health; a more powerful and efficient mind be one result.

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