by Rosemarie
(Islandia, NY)

I wish there was a place they could send me. Yes, I admit I am the big E‼️ At this point all my energy, strength has been sapped from me. Handling this on my own is too much especially when you have major other issues and heartaches going on. I have 2 sons and there have been problems for years. I called Al-anon the other day as I was desperate and in a bad place. Within 3 mins I was labeled, blamed and judged. She didn't know my story or what has been going on in my life. No compassion. I lost it on the phone with her Every situation is unique. I notice a lot of people who have gone through this have very condensending attitudes. I am so depressed, feel overwhelmed. Wish ther was some rehab for me. Thanks for listening.

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