help my daughter is a heroin addict

by Joyce

My daughter went from smokin dope to pain killers to heroin. She lives with her in-laws and we have told them what is going on in their home. Their response is "I don't want to lose my pension" so they refuse to help me get my daughter and her husband help. I have called Job and Family Services and was told as long as the childern can make a peanutbutter sandwich they won't get invoved. I have called the police and it'd not a big enough deal to respond. I've call the school and asked to watch out for the childern and there is nothing they can do because Job and Family won't get involved. I've called their doctors and told them to check their arms the next time they come in for the drugs they get to sell so they can afford the heroin. The only thing that happened was now they have to go to the doctor every week to get the script instead of once a month. I fear the childern will wake up and find their Mon and Dad dead from an overdose. I am at my wits end. If my son-in-laws parents would stop enabling by paying for evetthing they may have to grow up and find out life is about the kids and not drugs. How can parents sit back and know your son have a needle in his arm and not try to stop it?

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Mar 11, 2012
Thanks Don
by: Anonymous

THANK YOU Don we welcome your prayers and I thank you for the time you have spent on my family. I think that I have failed so badly at parenting but then again I know that is not true it just makes it easier to think that at times. It has to get better at some piont and she will come back around to her family that loves her dearly. I'm still working on it and as of today I have seen some improvement. Once again thank you

Mar 08, 2012
Further Research...
by: Don

I am very sorry you and your family have to go through this. I wish there were better answers for the desperate question, "what do I do?" but the reality is that we live in a reactive system, not a proactive one.

In a reactive system, the bad thing has to happen before the system responds. In a proactive system, the response comes before the bad thing happens and is based upon evidence that it may indeed happen if there is no response.

We all want to live in the proactive system when it is our family member who is on this path of destruction...but we all tend to want to live in the reactive system if we have not yet been touched by the specter of addiction.

You have done enough research to know what I am saying is true. That leaves only a few effective alternatives: Prayer, and educating yourself about how to stay healthy, how to deal with the reality of this problem, and get into a family member support group like Families Anonymous or online communities like this forum and the Oasis @ Serenity Cafe' (see the panel on the right of each page).

I, for one, am praying for you and everyone else who comes here. I know others are too! and this is the best intervention of ALL!

Take Care,

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