Help me escape from this hell

by manda

my mother is an alcoholic. since I turned 16 I have been working my butt off ive been at the same job im now 20 andfive months pregnan it seems like only to enable my mothers problems. late on rent, water, electric need gas cuz cant make it to work ect... but she can always afford her liquorI always come to the rescue I know she takes advantage cuz I always help. when I try to tell her NO or figure it out yourself shr cusses me like a dog and makes me feel as if im nithing. she always throws my boyfriend and god in my face. such as god will repay u back. or I feel sorry for your boyfriend tht he has to deal with you. how do I change myself to be strong andSTOP enabling her

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Mar 07, 2012
denial and delusion
by: Don

Hi Manda,

Sounds like classic alcoholism in the family. These are the things that active alcoholics say and do. They are unable see the truth about their drinking because it would mean they have to quit.

They are victims of their own thoughts - is called denial and delusion. It is the only way the disease of alcoholism can protect hiding behind lies and twisted thoughts that make it okay for them to go on drinking.

In Nashville they have lots of Alanon meetings. Find one near you and go to 6 meetings in a row, then if you don't get anything out of it after the 6 meetings...go to another one. You need this in order to untangle your own thoughts from hers. Or you will get as sick as she is right now.

Take Care and keep coming back here to update us on your meetings!


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