by Phil
(Ottawa )

David is finally, after being ordered by the court, to get treatment for crack addiction. I didn't know he was an addict until after I had fallen in love with him. I thought I could fix Dave with love and support. Boy was I ever in for a rough ride. We have had the police at the house numerous times, and one night David beat me so severely that I had to lay on the couch for a month. I didn't press charges because Dave would have gone to prison for it. In hindsight, I should have sent him to prison. It remains to be seen what will happen next, although I am close to giving up on our relationship for good. I have tried to leave him many times, but he keeps me hanging on. It truly is a living Hell!

I advise anyone faced with addiction to get out of the relationship right away and don't stay around to be used and abused by an addict. They are all the same and they don't care about anyone or anything except their drug of choice.

It is like being in a three way relationship.

R U N !!!

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