hell no not me

by heather

This is making sense to me and I am forced to recognize it now because i see it in my kids. basic out of control behaviour.
when the kids dad left me b/c i was not fun anymore (two kids under three working full time ... he was right ... i wasn't) but I was beyond devistated - this was not what I had in store for me or for them. I wanted to parent the best way possible, with two parents devoted to the people we had created. I was beyond devistated!! and scared shitless. The prospect of doing this alone destroyed my self confidence and led to a lifestyle of alcohol abuse and the hands of an 'intoxicated child out of control' driving the bus... with my kids in tow. I am educated and a professional which helped to hide alot. But I can admit here, in writing, that alcohol has adversely effected my work, my home life, my tendency to isolate socially and, ultimately, for the kids to do the same.
My man now is such an obvious child on a road to self destruction and resistent to change. It compiles where I am ultimately, but can only focus on the changes I want to make and hope he decides to join me.
Bottom line, my life is out of control and I need to get it back or die trying. And yes, there are health issues cropping up now,
so dying trying is not a huge stretch.
Happy to find this web site and welcome any comments.

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Jun 12, 2018
What a wonderful post
by: Anonymous

wow its really fantastic post, thanks for nice sharing

Mar 08, 2012
Welcome to recovery
by: Anonymous

Hi Heather!

Just one comment..."You go girl!"

Well, maybe two: When we are willing to "do whatever it takes" we are most likely to succeed and abundantly so! Now all you have to do is learn about this illness we call addiction and get into a recovery program.

It's simple...all you have to do is change your whole life!


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