Heart Talk

by Charles
(St. Louis MO, USA)

Good To Know You

Good To Know You

When I first became disabled, I was fraught with the desire to know why.

I later realized I was born at a knowledge disadvantage, and that pretty much everyone is, yet it was only up to me to know what I wanted out of life.

But more importantly, it was up to me to know who I genuinely wanted to become, character wise.

So I share that we all know how difficult it is to make "good choices" when it comes to relationships.

Especially in a world that has laws and rules of "competition".

Our heart objects to living in a "rat-race" of "survival-of-the fittest".

That's why we're beginning to question how intelligent, creative, social creatures can also believe in a "dog-eat-dog" system, when it causes so much crime, sickness and death.

The answer to this heart inspired query will not only change our minds, but it will change our reasons.

We are growing out of and tired of competing for survival, and, like this website, becoming the help that heals what generations of competition has damaged.

In a word, life is about "relations"...
God Bless and Journey Well

Charles Lee, Jr.
Certified Missouri Peer specialist-Places for People
Ordained Minister-Cephas Christian Church
Spiritual/Mental Health Activist

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Nov 18, 2009
Re: Heart Talk
by: Angie Carter

Hi Charles,
I, too, grew up questioning many things (as to why)and when I found out that I was alcoholic, I REALLY questioned that one. I did not want to have nor would accept this "problem". I was going to beat it! But, alas, it beat me. It beat me into a state of acceptance and willingness - to do what I needed to do to get well.

Through this process of getting well I have learned how to "relate" to my fellow man all over again. It is like looking at life through a different pair of glasses. I allowed my Higher Power(God)into my life and he changed the lenses!!

Nov 13, 2009
Glad to Meet You too!
by: Don

Hi Charles! Thanks for your thoughts on relationships and the nice words about our efforts here at Internet-of-the-Mind.com.

I'm with you... we can do better as a people and there is good progress -- all we have to do is look for it and TALK about it as we are here and in other forums.

Thanks also for sharing that heart-warming smile! A few more of those wouldn't hurt the world either!

Don :) :) :)

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