Heart brokenand hurting

by Suesan
(Glenburnie md 21206a)

I have a friend Who Ive been with for 15 years he has 3 grown adults who one of them the youngest that's 36 he's 60 let her and 3 kids and boyfriend convince him to leave me and he bought a house they are stressing him out they don't want him with me we have always supported one another he had a drug addiction I saw him through. they weren't around. the daughter keep trying to push his ex on him he claims he don't want. Now he tells me we are just friends. he pays all the bill and his health is not good she's telling who she don't want me around I think she wants everything he owns. everybody sees it. what can I do? just stay away. her and her mother wanted to jump on me. he avoid it he's miserable

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