Grandma's baby

I am being held responsible for my daughter's addiction to Heroin. I have spoke to her quite often about the reason why she does the drug. First, she said it was because a boyfriend got her addicted. Then, she has said many other reason's why she needs to use the drug for instance physical dependency is the main reason. However, she has withdrew from the drug at least three times.

Money has been missing and Christmas presents for others have been taken back. I have been catching her in multiple lies. She threatens to kill herself and runs away knowing I worry about her.
Her grandma asked me to find her granddaughter but I do not have any idea where to start. Her grandma has threatened throw me out of my home if something happens to her granddaughter.

I have not had custody of her granddaughter since she has been 5 because I was a terrible mother to her.

I don't understand why I am being forced to care for her when she reminds me all the that I am a bad mother to her. I am incapable of carrying out the care she needs. I need some advice.

I am mentally disabled. I do not want to be homeless for failing to help a person who I don't understand.

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