Giving up the chance for friendship

I try very hard to form friendships, but I find that the process of getting close is always very painful. Usually when people start to pull away it brings up such pain and regret it seems not worth the attempts at friendship.

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Apr 28, 2010
One idea that might help
by: Kathleen D. Cone

I'm thinking strongly of joining a support group of people who like me understand what it is like to deal with the problems we are all working hard to overcome.

In my case an Anxiety and Stress support group because that happens to be one of my more pressing challenges.

That way I can meet with other people who know intimately what I am going through and can offer good suggestions to help along the way.

It's a start and who knows you might make a real friend or two that way.


Apr 28, 2010
"what does not kill you makes you stronger"
by: mxkx

I can relate. When you're used to getting burned, it becomes harder and harder to try approaching the stove again. I find that it helps to focus on what I learn from getting burned rather than focusing on the pain of getting burned. I know that every time I get burned I learn something new that can help me cook up a tasty new meal in the future IF I'm just willing to keep on giving that stove another shot.

I think developing new friendships is much like attempting to cook a new dish. Any number of unforeseen things may go wrong. However, I'll never find out if I can cook if I don't keep on getting back on the stove and trying new recipes, even if it means I might get burned a few times in the process while finding a recipe that I can cook well.

What does not kill us can make us stronger if we just let it. :)

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