Getting help

by Martha

My husband had a severe heart attack and stroke over one year ago, I have been his main caregiver for that time. We have a Christian ministry, called Impart ministry. I am a triplet, we were adopted when we were 11 months old...lots of other parts to that story. Praying today, I realized I still have issues of abandonment from the adoption, as well as my wounded adopted mom. I found your website, and realize I need help in finding my true self. I know of God's love and acceptance, but reverted back to not feeling worthy, shame, if people only knew the real me etc. My husband and I were very close. He is just now regaining a few words, but is not his old struggling with identity etc. Thank you for your words and wisdom.

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May 26, 2011
by: Don Carter

Hi Martha,

Welcome to our website. I, and the others here, would love to be helpful in your journey so just fire away when you have specific questions.

I just have to start by one of your siblings named Mary?

I think you can do well to explore each page on this site, get some books on abandonment issues (like Thaw -- freedom from Frozen feelings) and, of course, continue to pray for guidance and direction.

It is critical that you begin to build a healthy family to trust and grow with. That can start here if you like -- just think of this as a ministry where YOU are being ministered to. Then once you know the ropes a bit, you can give back what you get here.

By the way, when your husband became ill, you were essentially alone for a year. Aloneness puts us in touch with abandonment issues. So this too can "work together for good for those who love God" when you take what you learn here back into your ministry!

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