Getting help for the caregiver in abandonment...

by Judy stes
(Washington State)

I have a friend who is caring for her to great-nephews who have been abandoned several times by their mother (no father in the picture, so there is abandonment there, too) and she took them to live with her a year ago.

The younger boy (7) lies to her and she responds harshly. I have suggested counseling and she's against it. Any suggestions on how I can get her to consider it?



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Jul 18, 2010
by: Adelphia

Hi I do not believe you can get her to take these children to counselling if she is so against it there may acutally be something she is not wishing to face for herself. Abandonment is so hard for children I know I went through that as a child but you are able to recover from it and move forward.

I suggest that you call upon the universe to send angels to surround this family and send them unconditional love and strength for their journey.

By you being there and giving them love and support will aid in the journey through live try not to focus on what has happened but what the future holds. Stay in the positivity of life and see that these boys I hope are now receiving what it is that they require love food home etc.
Sending loving energy to you and this family


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