by By Artist, Kathleen D. Cone
(Phoenix Arizona, USA)


The "Garden of Abundance" exists to inspire and to bring the viewer into a place where all the senses play an important role: taste, touch, sight, smell and sound.

One may chose to find abundance in many forms, but to me personally music brings greater meaning to life, because sound is so deeply ingrained as part of the human experience and is at the core of what drives many to be free to voice what they think, but also to listen and to be a part of the greater whole. To me, "Art and Music" are inseparable.

In this art piece "Garden of Abundance" we see a desert garden. A calm place of solitude full of beauty with a silence of it's own. And, yet in it's solitude co-exists a world of precious things. (If for example, you focus your minds-eye in the desert, you see a beautiful diamond that transforms itself into a intricately designed tea cup and saucer).

So too, art transforms itself into sound. We can hear the plucking of the harp, and the drawing of the bow across the strings of the cello as they fill us with sweet tones of wonder. We can imagine the sound of the bird singing and the alligator making it's own grumbling and snorting noises. As the water rises up to meet the occasion, we can hear a sloshing sound as it falls back into it's repeat cycles and just as the hummingbirds wings create their own fluttering noises, it tastes the sweet nectar of life.

As is true with all art, it is up to the one perceiving the work to decide for themselves what it is saying to them personally. This is also true with all of life's choices.

In the gardens of our lives and the lure of its beauty, unimaginable, it brings to our five senses the precious stones and jewels that make up the reflections of our own self-image, and to each, it is up to us to smell the perfume of individual meaning.

While in the "Garden of Abundance" it is my desire that you take a moment to experience all the wonderful and imaginative gifts life has yet to share with you. As you journey along its many paths please do remember one very important and precious thing, "To bring with you, your own voice, that you may sing it's praises".

With the Deepest of Love and Devotion to the Arts
Artist, Kathleen D. Cone


I hope this imagery helps heal others like myself that need a way to express what really matters to them in life.. to listen to the serenity music offered by Don on this site and to allow oneself the freedom to imagine themselves as they truly are..

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