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On this page are links to free hypnosis programs online and information on the use of hypnosis as a tool in therapy.

There is no shortage of arguments about the nature of free hypnosis programs online. These debates range from the position that "there is no such thing as hypnosis" to "its all hypnosis".

From my own studies and experiences I take these positions - that no one can be "hypnotized" unless they want it to happen and let it happen... and that pretty much every skill we learn is through a hypnotic process.

We spend most of our day turning explicit memories into implicit memories.

When we can do a task without referring to how we did it before - automatically - we have accomplished making an implicit memory, also known as a neural network.

This is the process of "learning"... we are constantly developing new neural networks and/or reconfiguring connections in existing ones.

Hypnosis involves "getting beyond the radar" of the conscious mind and into the subconscious mind (SCM). Rapid changes have been made with one trial learning while in hypnosis. I believe this is possible because of the intensity of the experience in an altered state.

When the "Critical Factor" (a term used for "conscious" awareness in hypnotherapy) is bypassed the imagery, sensations, sounds, even smells and tastes of the suggestions presented can be vividly experienced - creating intensity.

Free hypnosis programs online (CD's and MP3's) contribute and strengthen changes by adding repetition to the experience. As we have learned... intensity and repetition are the two ways to create or reconfigure a neural network.

When there is little or no interference by the analytical conscious mind, imagery and experience can be very intense.

Other factors can interfere with achieving changes with hypnosis such as subconscious conflicts or "an objecting part" which is an element of another network that is direct conflict with the changes being sought. Homeostasis can also affect how lasting any changes are.

Once access is achieved, no changes can be made that do not sound acceptable to the subconscious mind. If a suggestion is given, either directly or indirectly through the use of metaphor, which does not fit the value system of the participant it will simply not be accepted.

We need to clarify a few things. First of all, we are not talking about stage hypnosis here. Stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes and not what we do in therapy.

In therapy hypnosis is a tool, among many tools, used to assist a client in identifying and achieving their goals. No one tool is a panacea and quick fixes for chronic conditions are rare, especially with something as complex as the human brain.

However, free hypnosis programs online offer an excellent way to get into the subconscious mind where we can begin healing emotional woundedness and changing neuronal connections.

Before we get to these free hypnosis programs online perhaps we should answer a few questions:

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way of achieving a very focused state of awareness in which the subconscious mind is open and receptive to suggestions, while the body drifts deeper into relaxation.

Frequently during hypnotherapy the participant is fully aware of everything that goes on... although they may drift in and out of a "sleep-like" state called somnambulism when theta brainwaves are most dominant in the later stages of a longer session.

A good way to think of hypnotherapy is the purposeful use of daydreaming. Guide Imagery is a form of hypnosis as is any therapy where "going inside" is called for.

What are the benefits of free hypnosis programs online?

Hypnosis provides a multitude of benefits. One can achieve a deeply relaxed state in a short period of time which is good for the body, especially during times of chronic stress.

One may also choose to go into that state through the use of self-hypnosis before making an important presentation and visualize themselves performing exceptionally well.

One may choose to go into that state to work on recovery issues such as procrastination or impatience. The possibilities are virtually endless.

It is an ideal method for getting beneath the surface of the Iceberg to heal the wound of the False Self - i.e., abandonment, shame and contempt.

What other uses does Hypnosis have in the context of therapy or recovery?

Guided Imagery is a form of hypnosis in which symbols and metaphors are presented to the participant in a deeply relaxed state as a way of engaging the unconscious mind in the recovery process.

Many of the free hypnosis programs online at the bottom of this page are examples of the guided imagery with hypnotic features.

Sometimes very specific goals are the focus while other times the outcomes are more general. For example, one guided imagery session may include specific metaphors designed to create or strengthen emotional boundaries.

Another session may be a general metaphor that is designed simply to build up the internal resources of the person so as to prepare them for therapy.

Inner child work (another metaphor) has always included hypnosis and imagery. Considering the nature of the work to be done (establishing and strengthening neural networks) it is well suited to the task.

Metaphors are the language of the subconscious mind. Many of the free hypnosis programs online use metaphors to give indirect suggestions for building ego-strength and accessing various internal resources.

The subconscious mind, or right brain as it is sometimes called, is symbolic and creatively multi-directional while the conscious mind (left brain in right-handed people) is sequential and linear.

You can notice the difference when you wake up enough to catch yourself in a dream - it can be hard for the conscious mind to make sense of the form of thought used by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the domain of the emotions and the conscious mind is the realm of reason.

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