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Are you a helping professional? Someone from a dysfunctional family? New to Ego States? Fascinated by the subconscious mind?

Are you a "newcomer" or an "old-timer" in recovery from Addiction, Codependency, Depression, or Adult/Child Syndrome?

Do you want to create a healthy relationship? Have questions about any of the topics listed below? Or are you someone who just wants to learn more?

Would you tell your story, discuss your experiences, or say what works for you if it might help someone else? Or do you simply enjoy ongoing conversations about things you're interested in with like-minded others?

Sharing is EASY...No sign-up or registration process to go through... just click a link below, write your contribution, check a few boxes and submit! You can even remain anonymous if you'd like.

Enabling & Codependency Forum: Are you caught-up in/or recovering from enabling behaviors, or just a curious observer? Share your experience, strength, and hope with others, ask questions, give feedback, tell a relevant story about enabling, or just communicate with people who share your interest in this topic.

The Iceberg & Abandonment Issues Forum: Are you a helping professional? Someone from a dysfunctional family? New to recovery from childhood abandonment issues? Or just someone who wants to learn more? Here you can share your experience, ask questions, tell your story, discuss ways to overcome the past, or talk about what works in your own recovery.

Adult/Child & Ego States Forum: Are you new to Ego States & Adult/Child Recovery? An "old-timer" in recovery from Adult/Child Syndrome? Just want to learn more about Inner Children and Ego States? Here you can create your own page, share your experience, ask questions, tell your recovery story, talk about your inner child work, or create an online journal to share what works for you.

Online Serenity Cafe' Forum: Are you benefiting from listening to the free MP3 files at the Serenity Cafe'? Other CD's? Do you have a meditative experience to share? Would you like to let others know how you use these files? Go here to ask questions, give feedback, tell a relevant story about meditation, or tell others which MP3 program is your favorite and why.

Marriage & Relationships Forum: Are you having problems in your marriage or other significant relationship? Having trouble with communication? Or just want to learn more about healing relationships? Here you can gain a fresh perspective, ask questions, encourage others, share your story, swap ideas, discuss relationship problems with others who have "been there".

Workshops & Events: Have you participated in any of Don's weekend workshops, retreats, or Serenity Cafe' groups on Saturday mornings? How about any online events? Share your experiences...Which event was your favorite? What would you tell others about your experience? Would you recommend it? Why or why not? Do you have questions about an upcoming event? Ask them here!

Subconscious Mind Programming: Are you fascinated by the subconscious mind? Do you have an experience to share? Questions to ask? This is a place you can do just that!... ask questions, give feedback, tell a relevant story about your experience with mental programming, tell which audio program is your favorite and why.

Alcoholism & Addiction Forum: Are you in recovery from an addiction such as alcoholism, drugs, gambling, work-a-holism, comfort eating? Do you want to share your experience, strength, & hope? Or -- if you're new to recovery -- here you can ask questions, give feedback, share your story, comment on others contributions, or ask for ideas that worked for others!

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