Flip Flop

by Marcus

Really confused, lost, lost control, can't control, given up and then ready for battle. Think I have all the answers and then realize I don't have any answers. Talk way too much on the subject. It will be different THIS time, just one more time. can't figure out WHY a person makes self destructive choices and knows what the outcome will be 100% of the time. Always asking WHY. Really need to talk to a neutral person but It's hard. Feeling hopeless and lost in a sea with no rescue or land in site. Can't make my mind up. What to do What to do. Maybe this ,maybe that. Just maybe nothing at all. No return.

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Dec 26, 2015
Flip flop, flop flip
by: girlinredjacket

Insanity, repeating same action, expecting different results. I think you know this.
It sounds like you have a decision to make or need to except something, that might be painful.
We can't grow without pain nor, can we continue doing while we have some knowledge that, what it it is we are doing is not good for us.
Just know Marc, I do understand and you are not alone.

Good luck!

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