Finding Me....

by Tony C
(Fort Lauderdale)

I think I may have figured out the root cause of many of my problems. It was triggered by something someone said to me yesterday...."Self-preservation." I started to ponder what was said ..and all the relationships i am involved in (mom,step-brother,friends,etc) and then realized my ailment is "Toxic Shame", the opposite of "Self-preservation."

I know you've heard of John Bradshaw...and Toxic Shame is a broad topic. A by-product of Toxic Shame is codependency and drug addiction.

While writing...i'm thinking this is also about "self-love."

IF you have any knowledge, books on Toxic Shame and self-love...i would appreciate your input.

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Mar 12, 2013
ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics or Dysfunctional Homes.
by: Anonymous This site has a link for dealing with your topic. It also has a book link. I recommend it (Big Red Book).

This site is for online support meetings dealing with those issues.

Nov 30, 2012
hi mate
by: mickey

just wondering what you meant by some of what you said. I thought you meant self preservation is the opposite of toxic shame? Sort of confused me but am interested in the subject of shame. Cheers

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